DC Pandey PDF Download – Mechanics Part 1 And Part 2 Solution

DC Pandey PDF Download: When its come to best book for jee mains and advance preparation, HC Verma and Dc Pandey Mechanics Part 1 and Dc Pandey Mechanics Part 2 books are widely used by all aspirants. If you will ask about best Jee main study material for physics, all experts will recommend you DC Pandey Mechanics books. In this article, our team is going to share DC Pandey PDF Download link including Dc Pandey Mechanics Part 1 And Part 2 Solution.

DC Pandey PDF Download

Before starting, do you know who is dc Pandey?

DC Pandey Sir is a physics faculty with Prime Academy Pune. He is the author of one of the most renowned book of physics for IIT JEE, other engineering and medical entrance exams. He completed B Tech in Civil from Govind Ballabh Pant Krishi Evam Praudyogik Vishwavidyalaya, India.

DC Pandey PDF Download
DC Pandey PDF Download

Here you can download DC Pandey books in PDF.

Dc Pandey Mechanics Part 1 Pdf Download

All candidates who are searching for dc Pandey mechanics part 1 ebook are on right post. Here you will get dc Pandey mechanics part 1 pdf book free download.

Dc Pandey Mechanics Part 1 Pdf Download
Dc Pandey Mechanics Part 1 Pdf Download

Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced MECHANICS Part 1 by DC Pandey is a comprehensive guidebook.  If you are going to appear in engineering exams like JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, this book will help you in achieving your goal. As you know that Jee Main exam is the gateway to admission in BE, BTech and engineering courses in various colleges.

DC Pandey Mechanics Part 1 Contents

1. Basic Mathematics & Measurements

  1. Basic Mathematics
  2. Significant Figures
  3. Error Analysis
  4. Length Measuring Instruments

2. Units & Dimensions, Vectors

  1. Units and Dimensions
  2. Vector and Scalar Quantities
  3. General Points Regarding Vectors
  4. Addition & Subtraction of Two Vectors
  5. The Components of a Vector
  6. The Product of Two Vectors

3. Motion in One Dimension

  1. Introduction to Mechanics & Kinematics
  2. Basic Definitions
  3. Motion in One, Two and Three Dimensions
  4. Uniformly Accelerated Motion
  5. Non-Uniformly Accelerated Motion
  6. Graphs
  7. Relative Motion

4. Projectile Motion

  1. Projectile Motion
  2. Projectile Motion in an Inclined Plane
  3. Relative Motion between Two Projectiles

5. Laws of Motion

  1. Types of Forces
  2. Free Body Diagram
  3. Equilibrium
  4. Newton’s Law of Motion
  5. Pulleys
  6. Constraint Equations
  7. Pseudo Forces
  8. Friction

6. Work, Energy & Power

  1. Introduction to Work
  2. The Work Done
  3. Conservative & Non-Conservative Force Field
  4. Kinetic Energy
  5. Works-Energy Theorem
  6. Potential Energy
  7. Law of Conservation of Mechanical Energy
  8. Three Types of Equilibria 6.9 Power

7. Circular Motion

  1. Kinematics of Circular Motion
  2. Dynamics of Circular Motion
  3. Motion in a Vertical Circle

Dc Pandey Mechanics Part 2 Pdf Download

Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced MECHANICS Part 2  by DC Pandey is the second part. You will get dc Pandey mechanics part 2 solutions and dc Pandey mechanics part 2 pdf book.

Dc Pandey Mechanics Part 2 Pdf Download
Dc Pandey Mechanics Part 2 Pdf Download

Dc Pandey Mechanics Part 2 contains topics like Mechanics of Rotational Motion, Gravitation, Simple Harmonic Motion, Elasticity and Fluid Mechanics. Dc Pandey PDF Mechanics Part 2 is a fully comprehensive textbook which will help and guide the student for all types of examinations.

DC Pandey Mechanics Part 2 Contents

9. Mechanics of Rotational Motion

  1. Moment of India
  2. Angular Velocity 9.3 Torque 9.4 Rotation of a Rigid Body about a Fixed Axis 9.5 Angular Momentum 9.6 Conservation of Angular Momentum 9.7 Combined Transnational & Rotational Motion of a Rigid Body 9.8 Instantaneous Axis of Rotation 9.9 Uniform Pure Rolling 9.10 Accelerated Pure Rolling 9.11 Angular Impulse 9.12 Toppling

10. Gravitation

  1. Introduction
  2. Newton’s Law of Gravitation
  3. Acceleration Due to Gravity
  4. Gravitational Field
  5. Gravitational Potential
  6. The relation between Gravitational Field & Potential
  7. Gravitational Potential Energy
  8. Binding Energy
  9. Motion of Satellites
  10. Kepler’s law

11. Simple Harmonic Motion

  1. Introduction
  2. The Causes of Oscillation
  3. Kinematics of SHM
  4. Force & Energy in SHM
  5. The relation between SHM & Uniform Circular Motion 1
  6. Basic Differential Equation of SHM
  7. Method of Finding Time Period of SHM
  8. Vector Method of combining two or more SHM in the same Direction

12. Elasticity

  1. Introduction
  2. Elasticity
  3. Stress & Strain
  4. Hooke’s Law and the Modulus of Elasticity
  5. The Stress-Strain Curve
  6. Potential Energy in a Stretched Wire
  7. Thermal Stresses and Strains

13. Fluid Mechanics

  1. Definition of a Fluid
  2. Density

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